Honouring a Legacy: Patrick of Coonawarra's Dedication to Neurosurgical Research

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In the heart of Australia's renowned Coonawarra wine region, a remarkable story of dedication, resilience, and community support unfolds through Patrick of Coonawarra Winery. Founded by Patrick Tocaciu, the winery's journey has been marked by both triumph and tragedy, a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

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Pat’s Story

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Patrick Tocaciu's passion for winemaking was undeniable, fueling his pursuit of excellence in crafting exceptional wines. However, his journey took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in 2011. Despite the challenges that lay ahead, Patrick's determination remained unswayed, and he continued to pour his heart and soul into his beloved winery.

Tragically, Patrick Tocaciu's battle came to an end in 2013. Yet, his legacy of resilience and commitment to a greater cause lives on through the winery he built and the impactful work undertaken in his memory.

During his illness, Patrick Tocaciu and his family discovered the Neurosurgical Research Foundation (NRF), an organisation dedicated to advancing brain tumour research and providing hope to those affected by neurological conditions. Inspired by the NRF's noble mission, Patrick of Coonawarra Winery embraced an enduring partnership with the foundation.

Honouring A Legacy

Today, under the stewardship of Patrick's son, Luke Tocaciu, the winery continues to support the NRF. Over the past decade, Patrick of Coonawarra has wholeheartedly contributed to the NRF's efforts, donating over $40,000 to further their vital research. The commitment goes beyond financial contributions, extending to active participation in events that raise both funds and awareness.

The winery's dedication to the NRF's cause has taken various forms, from participating in the City to Bay Fun Run to hosting cellar door tastings that contribute to the foundation's endeavours. Their generosity extends to donating wine for events and prizes, amplifying the impact of their support.

As a proud partner in commemorating the Neurosurgical Research Foundation's 60th anniversary, Patrick of Coonawarra Winery played a pivotal role in the celebratory Dinner on the 26th of August. This significant milestone marks not only the foundation's remarkable journey but also a testament to the unity of individuals and organisations committed to making a difference.

How Can You Help?

You too can become a part of this impactful partnership by visiting Patrick of Coonawarra's website. Through the purchase of an NRF partner pack, you not only indulge in the exquisite offerings of the winery but also contribute to the NRF's vital research initiatives. With 15% of sales from the NRF partner pack donated back to the foundation, every sip becomes a gesture of hope and solidarity.

Patrick of Coonawarra's unwavering dedication to honouring Patrick Tocaciu's legacy and supporting the NRF encapsulates the essence of community, compassion, and a shared vision for a brighter future. In raising our glasses to this remarkable winery and its commitment to making a difference, we toast to a legacy that transcends beyond the vineyards, enriching lives and inspiring change.

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