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Dave, the definition of bravery and resilience. In December 2021, Dave was diagnosed with Brain Cancer – Stage IV Glioblastoma. He underwent a craniotomy, six weeks of concurrent chemotherapy and radiation and intravenous Avastin. Following radiation, Dave received positive results with the residual tumour significantly reducing in size. In May 2022, Dave had a recurrence with substantial tumour growth throughout his brain. Alongside of this, he was also diagnosed with Leptomeningeal disease. Two months later, our beautiful Dave passed.

To be diagnosed with terminal Brain Cancer and go through such intense treatment (and everything else we threw at it) is one thing but to go through it without ever complaining or saying why me is true bravery.

Glioblastoma is the worst human medical diagnosis. It has such a significant impact, both physically and mentally for the patient and families. We are committed to providing support, raising awareness and much needed funds to help with early detection.

Dave was a humble, kind, selfless and generous person. He was a loved and loving husband and father to two beautiful sons, aged 4 and 11 months. Dave was so passionate and committed to helping others and those that had the opportunity to meet him adored his caring and energetic nature.

Please let’s keep fighting this disease to honour Dave, our heroes currently fighting and passed to ensure that others do not have to endure such heart-breaking circumstances.

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BRAVE FOR DAVE – Never out of the fight!

All funds raised through the NRF will go to world class brain tumour research in SA : Meet the researchers Here

Learn more about brain tumour research funded in SA here

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