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An In Memoriam Gift is a donation made instead of sending flowers for, or just to remember, a loved relative, friend or colleague. It is a positive and thoughtful way to remember and honour the life of a loved one. The gift can be made at the time of the bereavement or any time later and you may wish to make an annual gift to commemorate the anniversary of the loss.

You may wish to consider the NRF in the future if the unfortunate occasion arises. In Memoriam Gifts are receipted and acknowledged promptly. The family will be notified of all donors, with their names and addresses. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

In Memoriam Gift:

  • Organise In Memoriam Envelopes: Your funeral director will assist you with ordering our envelopes or ring direct on (08) 8371 0771 and we will deliver the In Memoriam envelopes needed and information on the NRF.
  • Publish Funeral Notice: You may wish to publish with the funeral directors notice, information directing donations to the NRF. The correct contact details are:

Neurosurgical Research Foundation
PO BOX 698, North Adelaide, SA 5006

Online In Memoriam Gift:

  • Create an online In Memoram page: You may wish to create an In Memoriam page for your loved one, where you can upload a memorial message and an image and then email your unique web address to your friends, family and colleagues to ask for their support. You can also ring us direct and we can do this for you: (08) 8371 0771.
  • Find an existing In Memoriam page: You can find an In Memoriam page to support an existing In Memory Tribute.

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