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Established July 22, 2021


The objective of Brain Tumour Research South Australia is to foster and enhance research into the cause, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of brain tumours.


The Mission shall include, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the following:

  • To enhance researcher-researcher and researcher-clinician interaction and collaboration in SA in the brain tumour space
  • To maximise productivity and minimise duplication of research effort in SA
  • To increasing capacity in brain tumour research in SA
  • To enhance the likelihood of securing Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), and other major infrastructure and project funding for brain tumour research in SA
  • To raise public awareness and fundraising for brain tumour research in SA
  • To empower SA researchers and clinicians to grow their brain tumour knowledge base in order to improve research outcomes and patient care
  • To increase opportunities for local researchers, clinicians and patients to participate in translational research activities that bring novel diagnostics, interventions and therapies for brain tumours to SA
  • To cooperate with other organisations in brain tumour research, both nationally and internationally.
  • To work in collaboration with the Neurosurgical Research Foundation to raise funds for the above purposes.

The Inaugural Brain Tumour Research SA Committee

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Research Funded

The NRF is currently funding the following brain tumour research projects in SA:

  • Dr Briony Gliddon - 2021 - Targeting Cyclin-dependent kinase 4 in glioblastoma have shown to be highly effective at killing glioblastoma cells by stopping them from dividing
  • Dr Lisa Ebert - 2021 - Optimising a new immunotherapy approach for glioblastoma
  • Dr Guillermo Gomez -2021 - Identification and targeting of the master regulators of glioma cancer cell plasticity to overcome therapy resistance in glioblastoma
  • Dr Nirmal Robinson - 2020 - Targeting Endoplasmic Reticulum-specific autophagy using a small molecule to treat glioblastoma
  • Dr Melinda Tea - 2020 - Developing preclinical models of sonic hedgehog medulloblastoma and assessment of targeting 14-3-3 in these models
  • Dr Lisa Ebert - 2019 - Arming a patient’s immune system to treat aggressive brain cancer
  • Dr Briony Gliddon - 2019 - A new approach to deliver drugs to brain tumours
  • Dr Guillermo Gomez - 2019 - Region-specific brain organoids for rapid and personalised pre-clinical test of treatments for glioblastoma
  • Dr Melinda Tea - 2019 - Developing a comprehensive glioblastoma brain tumour resource for testing new and existing brain tumour therapies
  • Dr Tessa Gargett - 2019 - Development of genetically engineered adoptive cell therapies to treat diffuse midline glioma in children
  • Dr Rebecca Ormsby - 2018 - The establishment of a comprehensive database management system for the South Australian Neurological Tumour Bank

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Detailed information on all of the research can be found HERE

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