Dinning Memorial Neurosurgical Scholarship (DMNS) 2024


The purpose of the DMNS is to advance the clinical skills or research skills of a younger neurosurgeon with an emphasis on overseas contact by encouraging trainees and newly graduated neurosurgeons to travel:

  • to attend major overseas meetings linked with a period of observation or work in overseas neurosurgical units or research facilities
  • to learn new surgical skills and techniques
  • to an overseas laboratory to expand and collaborate on research work for 1-3 months to attend a skills course not available in ANZ.

Applications for DMNS will open April and must be submitted by the closing date of 1st July to the NRF

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NRF Vacation Scholarships

What is the Scholarship? These Scholarships provide a stipend of $300 per week to support an undergraduate medical or biomedical science student to undertake a neurosurgical in Stroke / TBI/SCI (Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury), Parkinson’s and Brain Tumour Research in a research laboratory experienced in this area. The research project runs for 6 to 8 weeks over the Summer holiday period (during their break from undergraduate studies), with the student working full-time during this period.

3 scholarships in Brain Tumour Research

3 scholarships in Neurosurgical Research - Stroke / TBI/SCI (Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injury) and Parkinson’s Research

Closing date: 5pm Friday 13th September 2024

Vacation 2024 NRF Application Form .docx (67 KB)

NRF Neurosurgical Research Grants

Open April 2024 and Closing Date 1st July 2024

NeuroSurgical Research Foundation Research, Research Staff and Equipment Research Grants 2024

General Neurosurgical Research

The NeuroSurgical Research Foundation (NRF) supports research following its inception by Dr Trevor Dinning and Professor Donald Simpson in 1963. The mission of the Foundation is to promote, foster, develop and assist the study of all matters related to neurosurgery by encouraging, stimulating and aiding research and investigation, engaging public interest and cooperation with other research organisations.

This funding seeks to support research into head injury, intracranial haemorrhage, neurodegeneration, sciatica, spinal cord injury, stroke and brain tumours.

Funding this year is available for research donations for clinical and basic science research, including consumables and treatment equipment in three categories:

  1. General neurosurgical research grants - up to the value of $50,000 for neurosurgical projects in SA.
  2. Neurosurgical research staff grants - up to the value of $50,000.
  3. Equipment grants - for neurosurgical research up to the value of $50,000 for neurosurgical projects in SA.

The current round of applications closes on 1st July 2024.

Please find below a copy of the guidelines for applicants and an application form:


NRF 2024 Neurosurgical Research Application Form.pdf (251 KB)

NRF 2024 Equipment Grant Application Form.docx (58 KB)

For further information, contact the Neurosurgical Research Foundation:

PO Box 698, North Adelaide, SA 5006,

Phone: (08) 8371 0771,

or email at ginta.orchard@nrf.com.au

Yours sincerely

Ginta Orchard

Executive Officer

External: Royal Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS)

Accepting applications from 25 March to 6 May 2024

Research scholarships as listed below are available for application for 2025 activity.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to:
- be a RACS Fellow
- Specialist International Medical Graduate (SIMG) or
- SET Trainee
- be undertaking (or planning to undertake) research in the field endocrine surgery

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