Play for Purpose Charity Raffle - Draw 22

Win a $250K Gold Bullion prize pack!

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Neurosurgical Research Foundation is proud to partner with Play For Purpose.

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Play For Purpose is Australia's 100% not-for-profit community raffle. They partner with hundreds of ACNC registered charities and grassroots sporting clubs to help them fundraise.

Raffle tickets are just $10, with a guaranteed minimum of $5 directly supporting the NRF, The rest helps fund prizes and the running of the raffle.

It's the ultimate WIN-WIN raffle with every ticket also giving you the chance to win a first prize valued at $250,000 and other amazing prizes.

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Win a dream $250K prize pack!

Did you know Raffle 22 opened at 10am this morning (18 December, 2023).

What would you do with a cool quarter million suddenly in your hands?

Maybe it’s that new luxury car you’ve wanted or that dream holiday abroad that you never thought you’d be able to take! How about a massive shopping spree for those special people in your life, or even just for yourself! Invest it, use it to upgrade your home or put a deposit down on an investment property. You could even charter a yacht or buy some fine art!

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Every Play For Purpose ticket gives you the chance to share in over 300 prizes, and the chance to win a first prize valued at $250,000. With a 1 in 380 chance of winning a prize, all while supporting our good cause - giving has never been so rewarding!

Top prize winners will be contacted by phone shortly after the draw with the exciting news. All other prize winners will receive an email with details of their win and how to claim their prize!

Sign up for AutoPlay here

Subscribing to AutoPlay guarantees your ticket into every Play For Purpose Raffle. Not only will you never miss the chance to win fantastic prizes, you’ll also continue to support a great cause. It's a WIN-WIN!

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Event details
Date and time
Thursday 14 March 2024

Entry fee

Tickets $10 each

Closes March 14th 2023

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