Grey May Brain Tumour Research Presentations 2022

Tuesday 07 June 2022

Virtual Tours and Talks from Grey May 2022

Grey May Brain Tumour Research Presentations 2022  image

Raising Awareness for Brain Tumour Research here in South Australia

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Virtual Tour & Talks

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Walk through the Uni SA / Centre for Cancer Biology and SAHMRI labs with Prof Stuart Pitson, NRF Chair of Brain Tumour Research. Meet the faces of Brain Tumour Research in Adelaide.

Dr Lisa Ebert B.Sc. (Hons), PhD Senior Research Fellow - Analysis of patient tumours to support new immune-based therapies for glioblastoma.

Dr Melinda Tea BLabMed(Hons), PhD Research Fellow - Developing advanced models of recurrent brain tumours.

Dr Guillermo A. Gomez PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Laboratory Head - Use of artificial intelligence to predict patient’s response to treatment.

Associate Professor Cedric Bardy PhD Director of The Laboratory for Human Neurophysiology & Genetics

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Meet the future of Brain Tumour Research our up and coming Scholarship Students training here in Adelaide.

PhD Candidate Kaitlin Scheer wins 2020 Chris Adams Research Grant.

PhD candidate Erica Yeo is the recipient of the 2021 Chris Adams Research Grant. Developing vital research immune-based therapies for aggressive brain cancers.

Erica McGiffert the inaugural recipient of the newly established Richard Buttery NRF Glioblastoma Research Vacation Scholarship.

Researching the complicated vascular network in the biology of glioblastoma.

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Learn about all the Support Services available to Brain Tumour Patients in SA detailed information available on the NRF website

National Advocacy Service (NAS) - Critical in assistance with applying to the NDIS, Centrelink, Carer Gateway and my aged care.

please call 0456 608 484

Brain Tumour Alliance Australia (BTAA) - Support phone line for brain tumour patients, their carers and families. please call 1800 857 221.

Adelaide Brain Tumour Support Facebook Group

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Meet the National Advocacy Service (NAS)

NAS is a collaboration between Peace of Mind & Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, supporting people with a primary diagnosis of brain cancer.

Equipping patients and carers with sound advice, information and practical support. Critical in assistance with applying to the NDIS, Centrelink, Carer Gateway and my aged care.

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Walk through the South Australian Neurological Tumour Bank – the brain tumour bank

Dr Santosh Poonnoose FRACS Director of South Australian Neurological Tumour Bank

Flinders University - Department of Neurosurgery

Dr Rebecca Ormsby BSc (Hons), PhD Coordinator, SA Neurological Tumour Bank, Research Associate

Flinders University - College of Medicine & Public Health

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Overall, brain tumours claim around one life every seven hours. This is because brain tumours can spread and invade the brain, causing devastating consequences such as brain swelling. In 2018, brain cancer was the 10th most common cause of cancer death in Australia.

Prof Stuart Pitson is the NRF Chair of Brain Tumour Research and Head of the Molecular Therapeutics Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology (a partnership between the University of South Australia and SA Pathology). He said:

"Now it is up to you. You can make a real difference to children and adults with brain cancer. With your support, the NRF can fund these new PhD positions and continue to focus our efforts on innovative brain tumour research here in South Australia.”

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