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Prof Matthew McDonald, MBBS

Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon, Calvary Wakefield Hospital; Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon; Flinders Medical Centre; Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery, University of South Australia, NRF Chair of Neurosurgical Research 1997 Student

Current positions:

  • Neurosurgeon & Spinal Surgeon, Calvary Wakefield Hospital
  • Visiting Medical Specialist, Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Flinders Medical Centre Department of Neurosurgery and Spinal Unit
  • Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery, University of South Australia


  • WG Norman Research Fellowship, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, 1997
  • Davis & Geck Registrar’s Presentation Award Royal Adelaide Hospital, 1998
  • Spinal Research Award 1998, Spine Society of Australia.
  • Doug Bills Prize, Neurosurgery Training Seminar, Melbourne, 2000.
  • Stuart Morson Travelling Fellowship, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, 2002
  • Research in the Neurosurgery Department, 1997

Why neurosurgery?

Neurosurgery became his interest, as it was "unchartered territory", "a challenge" and he wanted "to make a difference. I want to provide cutting edge neurosurgery and spinal surgery on par with the best in the world, here in Adelaide."

Research area:

McDonald's research "investigated the role that anti-inflammatory drugs play in the development of fluid filled cavities within the spinal cord following trauma. I found that these drugs did not prevent these cavities (syrinxes) from developing in a rat model. This research supported similar work done in the department that demonstrates that fluid flows into these cavities along spaces around the blood vessels (peri-vascular fluid flow)."

For a full list of Professor McDonald's publications, please visit his ResearchGate page.

Mon ST, Li Y, Shepherd S, Daniel S, Poonnoose S, McDonald M (2016). Recurrence of chest wall hydatid cyst disease involving the thoracic spine in an Australian patient. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience. 30. 132-136

Wells A, McDonald M, Sandler, Vrodos N (2014). Lumbosacral epidural lipomatosis causing rapid onset cauda equina syndrome. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, 21(7).1262-1263.

Knight E, McDonald M (2013). Recurrence and Progression of Meningioma in Male-to-Female Transgender Individuals During Exogenous Hormone Use. International Journal of Transgenderism, 14(1). 18-23.

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