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Brave for Dave - Never Out of the Fight

Dave Fiebig was 41 years old, fit and healthy, a loving husband and father to two young boys who were just 4 and 11 months old when he first started experiencing symptoms.

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After experiencing a range of symptoms including memory loss, daily headaches and vomiting, in December 2021 Dave was diagnosed with with Brain Cancer – Stage IV Glioblastoma. He underwent a craniotomy, six weeks of concurrent chemotherapy and radiation and intravenous Avastin.

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Following radiation, Dave received positive results with the residual tumour significantly reducing in size. However in May 2022, Dave had a recurrence with substantial tumour growth throughout his brain. Alongside of this, he was also diagnosed with Leptomeningeal disease. Two months later Dave passed.

"Dave was the most positive, upbeat and happy person and had a smile that no-one could forget," Dave's wife Chloe Drogemuller-Fiebig said.

"He was an incredible husband and definitely a doting father to our two boys. I don't think he realised the impact he had on the people he had met, or even just knew of him."

"You never think it will happen to you, even with his symptoms, you never think it could be something like that."

Chloe and the couple's children Duke and Banks, aren't letting Dave's memory fade and want to put as much effort into raising awareness of brain cancer as their husband and father put into fighting the disease.

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With the help of Dave's friends, Chloe started Brave for Dave, a fundraising platform which aims to raise funds and awareness of brain cancer in the community.

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"He was such a positive and courageous person and he was doing it not just for himself and for us as a family, but for everyone else," she said.

"I know he would be very proud, proud of the boys as well who are so resilient."

"He'd just be honoured because he was such a humble person and he'd be blown away by the generosity of the community."

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Through their various fundraising activities Brave for Dave have already raised over $19,000 for the NRF to support groundbreaking brain cancer research and clinical trials.

Brave for Dave donated a new blood analyser to the UniSA Centre for Cancer Biology and Chloe is using her connections to help advocate for a South Australian Brain Tumour Coordinator to assist SA patients and families navigating a brain tumour diagnosis.

Donate to Brave for Dave here and help change the future of brain cancer for our heroes currently fighting and passed.

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