Walk for Phil & Elliott raises over $4000 for brain tumour research!

Monday 27 November 2023

2023 November walk

Walk for Phil & Elliott raises over $4000 for brain tumour research! image

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On Sunday 26th November, Team Matalone once again embarked on their Brain Tumour Research Fundraising Walk in memory of Phil Matalone, but this time they were joined by Team Goodfellow - also rallying to raise funds for those affected by brain cancer.

Brain cancer's devastating grip on young lives remains unchanged for over three decades. In Australia, it's a grim statistic: a life claimed every seven hours. But we believe in the power of unity and action.

The morning was a cold and blustery one, but this did nothing to affect the spirits of all those attending, of which a record 80 people (and animals) arrived to support the cause.

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''We are here today because our lives have been affected by brain cancer. There are people here today who have brain cancer, those who care for those living with brain cancer or those who have lost those they love to brain cancer.

As I stand here today, I can say I will never ever believe this terrible, debilitating disease took our beautiful Felice nearly 3 years ago.

The journey has been very difficult and brain cancer affects our lives every single day. From that experience I am here today surrounded by all my beautiful family and friends.

As we know, brain cancer does not discriminate.

Your continuous support of NRF with 100% of funds raised going to research and support, no words will ever describe the feeling I have that Phil is always with us.''

Kellie Matalone

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In 2021, the same year Phil passed. Nicola’s husband Elliott was diagnosed with brain cancer. He was a normal fit and healthy 31 year old and had zero symptoms leading up to his diagnosis when he had a seizure.

Upon diagnosis he underwent surgery, radiation and over a year of chemotherapy. All while raising their newborn daughter and trying to come to terms with what the future may look like.

The impact a brain cancer diagnosis has on a person and their family is life changing.

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After a rousing speach by the team leaders Kellie and Nicola, who spoke about their experiences the teams set off along the esplanade, up the hill for 3km and back down again to make a round trip of 6km.

Upon their return, they were unfortunately greeted without the smell of a freshly cooked sausage sizzle, as the local park BBQ had run out of gas. But this once again did not dampen everyones spirits, as takeaway bags were prepared for everyone to enjoy their own sausage sizzles at home.

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Wrapping up the event with a classic raffle with many amazing prizes won, the group declared this would become an annual event, such was the success.

Every dollar raised from the day went directly to the NRF’s Brain Tumour Research fund. The NRF is South Australia’s own dedicated foundation that researches the cause, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of brain cancer.

Its not too late to donate to the appeal which can be found here

Thanks to all that came along, we are incredibly grateful for all the lifechanging work the NRF is doing and will continue to fundraise and support as much as we can.

Thank you to the local businesses who have donated to the raffle:

  • Allen Jewellers
  • Deep Blue Café
  • Duke’s Café
  • Gypsy Life
  • Neds
  • Terry White Woodcroft
  • Patrick of Coonawarra
  • Australian Distilling Co
  • Woolies Hallett Cove for the sausage sizzle
  • Bakery 77 Morphett Vale for the bread

View the appeal here

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