Tyler Fuller completes 'The BIG Ride' and raises over $4,000

Monday 06 November 2023

164km 'Big Ride' from Flinders to Middleton and Back for TBI Research

Tyler Fuller completes 'The BIG Ride' and raises over $4,000 image
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In 2020 Tyler’s life changed. At just 19, he fell off a cliff at Middleton while celebrating the new year. Tyler (who's mum Emma works at Minda) sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and underwent emergency life-saving surgery. This began the long path of recovery for Tyler as he pulled through the surgery, a 19 day coma, months of rehabilitation and further surgeries.
He is now a fundraiser for the NRF, raising funds for TBI research. He and his mates completed a 'BIG Ride' from Flinders Medical Centre, where Tyler had is his long, life-saving surgery the morning of his accident, to Middleton where Tyler had is accident, and back, on Saturday November 4th.
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They set off at 5am, under the cover of darkness for what would be a long and testing day under the bright spring sun.

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'We had our first break when we conquered Willinga Hill at the top of the hill, which was 40km. Our next stop was at the bakery in Middleton, which was roughly another 40km, our half-way point. The boys felt pretty good at the half-way point, but I (Tyler) was buggered. We all fuelled up with food, bars, water and gels once we got there. After about 45mins in Middleton, we got back on our bikes to make our way back to Flinders Medical Centre. Groin pain started to develop at our half-way break, which would later make me skip 30km, but pushed through the rest of the ride back''

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''I keep in touch with my first paramedic responder, Ian, from the night of my accident. Ian met us at the bakery in Middleton to say hi and to wish us luck. I'm absolutely honoured to keep in contact with Ian as I wouldn't be here if it weren't for his help.''

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The boys reached the finishing line at 3.50pm at Flinders Medical Centre where friends, family and Team NRF were waiting with some well deserved sweet treats!

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Taking a small moment to catch a breath, before heading off home for a well-deserved and refreshing shower then heading out to catch up with the rest of their supporters.

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Raising an amazing $4,430 for Traumatic Brain Injury Research at the time of this article, they smashed their target but the appeal is still going if you would like to support them further here:
Any amount of donations is thanked and much appreciated.

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The team would like to thank all those who help and supported them on their journey by donating or helping with the ride itself.

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