Summer News Update 2024

Monday 29 January 2024

Your donations are investing in young SA minds: funding scholarships, funding trials in Parkinson’s and TBI and clinical trials in glioblastoma

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Read in detail the following research your donations have funded through the NRF:

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Your donations last year in our celebratory 60th year have reached the labs and are making an impact today. With your help, we are able to contribute a total of $1,378,531 to 34 different grants and equipment projects. To continue this impact and this groundbreaking research, we need your new donation today.

====> Brain Cancer - GBM immunotherapy clinical trials at the RAH <====


====> Neurodegeneration - Parkinson’s disease trials <====


====> Neurotrauma – Concussion and TBI research trials <====


====> Scholarships for young researchers in BT, stroke and TBI <====

NRF seed funded research is evolving into clinical trials, attracting more government funding allowing our researchers greater opportunities to find more cures. This is not possible without your continued support.

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We have an exciting year ahead of us!

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