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Tuesday 01 September 2015

The NRF Spring 2015 Newsletter

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Researchers funded by the NRF are at the forefront of neurosurgical research, collaborating with researchers in the United States and Europe, developing new neurosurgical techniques and medications. Many of the research projects funded by the Foundation are now moving from the laboratory phase to clinical trials. It is expected they will improve the quality of life for those with neurological conditions, diseases, and injuries as well as save lives.

In addition to funding research projects, the NRF funds the purchase of medical equipment for surgeons and researchers. Recently the Neurological Diseases Research Team received analysis equipment which will greatly assist research in a wide range of conditions and diseases. Flinders Medical Centre received a neurosurgical microscope which enables surgeons to operate more precisely, thus reducing the risks associated with neurosurgery and improving patient outcomes.

The NRF AGM, is scheduled for 12th of August, where the research team will update us on their current work in fields such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia, motor neurone disease, traumatic brain injury, and paediatric neurosurgery.

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