2012 NRF AGM

Saturday 01 September 2012

The NRF Spring 2012 Newsletter

2012 NRF AGM image

Researchers from the University of Adelaide Centre for Neuroscience research gave presentations at the 2012 AGM:

  • Dr Renee Turner developed the only large animal model in the world that allows translation of experimental discoveries into effective stroke treatments.
  • Dr Emma Thornton discovered that substance P plays a role in dopamine cell death.
  • Elizabeth Harford-Wright demonstrated that the lethal complication of brain swelling is associated with increased substance P in leaky blood vessels around brain tumours.
  • Frances Corrigan identified a modified version of APP that is as effective as the unmodified protein in brain protection
  • Kimberly Mander used drugs exclusive to the laboratory to block water channels as a potential mechanism to reduce swelling following traumatic brain injury.

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