NRF RAAF Quiz Night - Saturday 29th Oct 22

Friday 04 November 2022

Thanks to your support, we raised over $8000! Every dollar raised will fund world-class brain tumour research here in SA!

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Did you get papped at the NRF RAAF Quiz Night?

Take a look here at the photos from the night

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A huge thanks to everyone who took part, FSGT Terence Youell for coming up with the idea, RAAF for providing the venue and wine, Coopers for the bars, beer and prizes, all our amazing prize donors, MC Emma van Kekem, Quiz Master Jess Rowley and all our wonderful volunteers on the night and of course everyone who came along to test their knowledge and support brain cancer research!

You haven't truly lived until you've watched a room full of 135 people scramble to build the tallest tower using only newspaper and tape!

quiz winner limbic.jpg (303 KB)

At the end of 8 rounds it was Team Limbic with just 4 people that won full bragging rights, winning the day with 71 points! It was very close between all the teams with final scores shown below, how did your team do?

Quiz night score chart.png (431 KB)

The Newspaper Tower building contest was a highlight with 135 people scrambling to build the tallest freestanding structure. Wilma’s Warriors winning tower teetered at an impressive 180cm!

quiz tower table.jpg (568 KB)

OF course we couldn't not have a wooden spoon prize for the unlucky team in last, but this being an NRF quiz night, table 2 can be seen with their 'wooden' brains prize.

quiz wooden brains.jpg (348 KB)

There was plenty to get on with inbetween rounds such as the good old classic throw the coin at the whiskey bottle, where the whole room played against each to do their best to snag the bottle in question.

quiz whiskey game.jpg (321 KB)

We hope that everyone had a great time and you were lucky enough to walk away with a prize! Keep an eye out for our upcoming events and we hope to see you all next time!

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