Neurosurgery Awareness Month 2023

Wednesday 02 August 2023

August is Neurosurgery awareness month, learn about neurosurgery from our local SA neurosurgeons and trainees

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August is Neurosurgery Awareness Month and so this month we will be shining the spotlight on all things Neurosurgery!

Join us as we share interviews with our talented local neurosurgeons and neurosurgical trainees.

Read incredible stories from patients who have been kind enough to share their personal experiences of what it is like to live with and be treated for neurosurgical conditions.

Keep an eye out for fun facts and tidbits throughout the month.

Join us as we go behind the surgical mask and learn more about this fascinating field.

There are many ways YOU can get involved this August:

  • Follow our social media pages for all the latest updates
  • Help us spread awareness by sharing or posting your own neurosurgery related content. Include the hashtag #NeurosurgeryAwarenessMonth #NAM #NRF and be sure to mention us @NRFTeamNeuro (FB), @NeuroSurgRF (Twitter) or @neurosr_foundation (Insta) so we see it!
  • DONATE to the cause and help fund vital neurosurgical research into the following conditions:
    • Brain tumours and cancer
    • Stroke, brain haemorrhage and aneurysms
    • Paediatric research
    • Neurotrauma:
      • Spinal cord injury
      • Traumatic brain injury
    • Neurodegeneration
      • Parkinson's disease
      • Concussion
  • Host your own Fundraiser or come along to one of our upcoming fundraising events.
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  • Come along to the NRF Sparkling 60th Celebration Dinner - celebrating 60 years of groundbreaking research and advancements in neurosurgery!
  • Stay tuned for details of our upcoming Research Presentation Events happening in September and come along to learn more about the exciting neurosurgical research happening right here in SA!

When you fundraise or donate to the NRF you can be sure that 100% of your donation goes straight to research.

Let's spread Neurosurgery Awareness this August!

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Neurosurgery Awareness Month Interviews

Interview with Clinical Academic Neurosurgeon and NRF Abbie Simpson Clinical Fellow Dr Adam Wells

Interview with NRF President and retired Neurosurgeon Dr Glenn McCulloch

Interview with Dr Alistair Jukes, adult and paediatric Neurosurgeon specialising in open and endovascular neurosurgery.

Interview with Professor Matthew McDonald, Neurosurgeon and NRF Board Member specialising in complex spinal surgery, deep brain stimulation and brain tumour surgery.

Interview with Dr Annika Mascarenhas, neurosurgical trainee registrar and currently also completing a PhD on anterior skull base surgery, managing bleeding and simulation training as a teaching method.

Interview with Dr Chris Tsimiklis, Neurosurgeon and the first recipient of the NRF Dinning Memorial Neurosurgical Scholarship.

Interview with Professor Nigel Jones, retired Neurosurgeon and the first Professor of Neurosurgery in Adelaide funded by the NRF.

Interview with Dr Nick Candy, neurosurgical trainee registrar currently in his second year on the training program.

Interview with Dr Ema Knight, Consultant Neurosurgeon

Interview with Dr Simon Sandler, Consultant Neurosurgeon, NRF Board Member and Head of the Neurosurgical Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

Interview with Dr Xenia Doorenbosch, Consultant Neurosurgeon and NRF Board Member, specialising in paediatric and minimally invasive surgery.

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