LONG-TBI Study: Seeking Participants

Friday 08 March 2024

Longitudinal outcomes of neurological impairment; guidance and management following traumatic brain injury

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What is the project about?
This research project involves a short REDCap survey for neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, rehabilitation
clinicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, and other health professionals who are
involved in acute and chronic care of traumatic brain injury patients. It aims to gather information on the current longitudinal
management of neurological impairments in TBI patients, as well as to explore the awareness of risk of neurodegenerative disease
development following TBI. Through this work, we hope to provide cross-country insights into clinical management, formulate
guidelines that can be used by clinicians to provide more effective, long-term clinical management of TBI and raise awareness of
the increased risk of neurodegenerative disease development following TBI.

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Who is undertaking the project?
This project is being conducted by A/Prof Lyndsey Collins-Praino, Dr Irina Baetu, Prof Mark Jenkinson, Dr Stephan Lau, Mr
Benjamin Ellul (PhD Candidate) and Mr Angus McNamara (PhD Candidate) of the University of Adelaide in Adelaide, Australia.
Why am I being invited to participate?
You are being invited to participate as we are seeking participants who:
- are board-certified neurologists and/or neuro/orthopaedic surgeons, rehabilitation clinicians, nurses, occupational
therapists, physiotherapists, and other health professionals with expertise in the field of TBI management and care;
- have managed/treated TBI patients within the last 5 years;
- are fluent in English
We have obtained your contact details from publicly available email directories listed on hospital/university websites and have
deemed your eligibility for our study.
What am I being invited to do?
You are being invited to complete a one-time short survey online.
How much time will my involvement in the project take?
The online survey in its entirety will require ~15 minutes to complete

If I want to participate, what do I do?
If you are willing to participate in the research, please scan the QR code on this information sheet or click on the survey link
provided in the email/newsletter and complete the survey. The submission of the survey will be considered as an indication that
you understand the above information and consent to participate in the study.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the project?
If you have questions associated with your participation in the project or wish to learn about its results, then you should consult
the Principal Investigator:
A/Prof Lyndsey Collins-Praino, Principal Investigator
Email: long_tbi@adelaide.edu.au

Download the full documentation here

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: A/Prof Lyndsey Collins-Praino

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