End of financial year appeal

Tuesday 21 May 2019

Lives are in your hands!

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Your donation will enable the NRF to continue to fund more research areas and research institutions within South Australia.


Your donations enable neurosurgeons to gain extensive knowledge in the latest surgical developments and for neuroscientists to have access to the latest crucial research equipment such as the VICON VMCS a motion capture system. This equipment is our next target and would mean we are the only group in Australia, and one of a handful of groups worldwide, to be conducting studies of this calibre and this is only possible thanks to your donations.

The resources they need, the equipment they use, and the research undertaken isn’t cheap. Your continued support shows that you truly care – that you care about the lives of others. The lives of all of those diagnosed with a Neurological and Neurosurgical condition is in your hands – your gift can be the difference between life and death.

We cannot do this without you. Please consider contributing a gift to our mid-year appeal. Your continued support may help save someone else’s life – or one day, that of someone you love.

Life is a gift, it’s that simple. Every year close to a million people will experience a stroke, brain tumour, or be diagnosed with a neurological or degenerative condition. Some may even experience a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury as a result of an accident. Maybe you know someone this has happened to? With successful treatment many survive, but sadly many will not. Of those, nearly 20,000 people will die. One is too many.

Over 726,000 people will successfully live with their condition because of successful surgery and the latest treatment. What value do we put on a life?

Your support can make these priorities a reality.

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