Nanozoomer Goes Operational

Tuesday 01 March 2016

The NRF Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Nanozoomer Goes Operational image

Highlights include:

  • The NanoZoomer purchased through NRF fundraising of $110,000 for the Translational Neuropathology Laboratory at the University of Adelaide operational.
  • In the attached newsletter, you will read more detailed information about the forthcoming AGM scheduled for Wednesday 10th August.
  • AGM speakers will include:
    • Dr Alistair Jukes, Abbie Simpson Fellow: Skull Based Neurosurgery
    • Jillian Clark, Postdoctoral Research Fellow: SA Spinal Cord Injury Research Centre
    • Anna Leonard, Lecturer & Research Fellow: Adelaide Centre for Spinal Research
    • Annabel Sorby-Adams, PhD Candidate: Stroke Research Program, Translational Neuropathology Laboratory

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