Professor Peter Reilly AO image

Professor Peter Reilly AO

Advisory Member, NRF Scientific Committee | Emeritus Professor, Royal Adelaide Hospital | Professor, University of Adelaide.

Current positions:

  • Emeritus Professor, Neurosurgery Department, Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Professor, University of Adelaide

Involvement with the NRF:

Peter was the NRF Secretary from 1999-2008, a Member of the NRF Board from 1980-2010, and on the NRF Scientific Committee from 2004-2010.


For a full list of Professor Reilly's publications, please visit his ResearchGate page.

Newcombe R, Leonard A, Vink R, Reilly P, Finnie J, Manavis J, and Blumbergs P (2015). Apoptosis in Human Compressive Myelopathy Due to Metastatic Neoplasia. Spine, 40(8). 450-457.

Newcombe R, Vink R, Reilly P, Finnie J, Manavis J, Blumbergs P (2013). Cellular Pathology and apoptosis in neoplastic myelopathy due to metastatic disease. Journal of the Neurological Sciences. 333(1). 690.

Byard R, Bahtia K, Reilly P, Vink R (2009). How rapidly does cerebral swelling follow trauma? Observations using an animal model and possible implications in infancy. Legal Medicine. 11(1). 128-131.

Reilly P (2008). Comment on the paper “A new scale for prognostication in head injury”. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience. 15(10). 1113-1114.

Vink R, Bahita K, Reilly P (2008). The relationship between intracranial pressure and brain oxygenation following traumatic brain injury in sheep. Acta Neurochirurgica. 102. 189-192.

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