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Ms Nadia Kingham

NRF Board Member since 2013 | Daughter of NRF founder, Dr Trevor Dinning | Veterinarian, Aldgate Veterinary Clinic

Current position:

The owner and principal of 3 veterinary practices in Aldgate.

Personal achievements:

Nadia regards her children as her greatest achievement, “who have grown to be thoughtful, responsible, hardworking men.”

Involvement with the NRF:

Nadia’s father was a foundation member of the NRF, she explains: “he had a vision that South Australia had the capacity to be a world leading centre of excellence in Neurosurgical Research which would be underpinned by having the first Professor of neurosurgery in Australia, providing both clinical and research support to aspiring neurosurgeons.”

Personal motivations:

“My father was definitely the reason why I am so pleased to be on the board of the NRF today, and hopefully contribute in some small way, to those original aspirations of the original members: that of South Australia maintaining its world recognised position as a centre of excellence in neurosurgical research.”

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