The objective of the Foundation is directed towards funding research into the cause, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease or malfunction of the brain, spine and nerves.

Mission Statement

  • To promote, foster, develop and assist the study of all matters related to neurosurgery
  • To encourage, stimulate and aid research and investigation into such matters and to stimulate public interest in neurosurgery
  • To cooperate with other organisations in neurosurgical work and research
  • To encourage post-graduate medical study in neurosurgery
  • To assist the Chair of Neurosurgery
  • To raise funds for the above purposes.

Neuroscience researchers are looking for ways to improve treatments which can save lives of children and adults living with these neurosurgical and neurological conditions.

Research area

  • Brain Cancer and Tumours
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Concussion
  • Paediatric research
  • Stroke, brain haemorrhage and aneurysms
  • Vascular conditions, including Moya Moya Disease and Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM).
  • Parkinson's disease and neurodegeneration

Researchers are looking for cures, improved treatments, and developing drugs which are progressing from the laboratory to clinical trials, resulting in better outcomes for patients and saving lives.

A list of current research projects can be found here.


The NRF was established in 1963 and since inception it has made grants in excess of $4.3 million to support neurosurgical research and to establish academic research positions at the University of Adelaide.

Over this 49-year period, a reserve of $1 million was accumulated by prudent financial management and investments. In 2007 the Board resolved to formalise the sustainability of the NRF by setting aside $1 million as a 'Corpus.' These funds are now managed by an independent investment manager. The investment earnings on the Corpus are used to defray the administrative expenses of the Foundation.

The goal of the NRF Board is to allocate a substantial portion of funds to neurosurgical research. Over the past six years, significant funds raised by the Foundation have been used for research.

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