NICO Myriad

A minimally invasive product that removes soft tissue from the central nervous system

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The Myriad's low profile, non-heat generating cannula allows the neurosurgeons to remove fibrous tissue in narrow corridors either through the ventricles - ETV, cysts, hematomas, fenestrations (myriad handpiece attaches to Braun and Storz neuroendoscope), endonasally (craniopharyngiomas, macro adenomas, meningiomas) and open cases (gliomas, mets, meningiomas)

Brain Path – The NICO BrainPath is a part of a standardized systems approach for trans-sulcal access to primary/secondary brain tumors, vascular abnormalities/malformations, and intraventricular tumors/cysts. The BrainPath Approach™ integrates advanced imaging and non-disruptive, navigation-compatible intervention technologies to achieve access, automated removal, and intraoperative tissue collection of the subcortical abnormality.

Fundraising for vital equipment to aid in stroke, TBI, vascular and brain tumour research

A/Prof Amal Abou-Hamden Royal Adelaide Hospital

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