Parkinson's disease is a chronic, progressive neurological condition that has a serious impact on an ageing population, with 25 Australians diagnosed every day. Around 80,000 Australians currently live with the condition.

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Unfortunately, there is no curative treatment available – only treatment options to relieve symptoms. Before they can find a cure, researchers need to better understand how neurodegenerative diseases develop. And the outlook is not good – Parkinson’s disease cases are expected to double by 2030 as our population ages.

That is why the NeuroSurgical Research Foundation is investing in Parkinson's research. In fact, in 2019, we funded a pilot program which enabled researchers at the University of Adelaide to win a further $1.9m in funding.

Assoc Prof Lyndsey E. Collins-Praino leads Parkinson's disease research at the University of Adelaide.

"To complete this research, my team urgently needs an additional $112,000 to run the largest, most comprehensive, multi-dimensional Parkinson’s research study ever undertaken in Australia.

"SA communities have already contributed $250,000 and the Federal Government has contributed $1.9m.

"Now it is up to you. You can make a real difference to people with Parkinson’s. With your support, the NRF can fund this vital research," she said.

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