“IMAGES TO INSPIRE" Strong Enough To Live Art Auction

Inviting artists (e.g. painters, photographers, sculptors) to donate works which will be auctioned, to raise funds for life saving brain tumour research.



Bringing together a like-minded community with a desire to make a difference by raising funds for life-saving brain tumour research.

Online Display: 3rd to 25th September

The donated works will be available for viewing at the launch on 3rd September at the Unley Town Hall and then at an online auction until the 25th September. Selected works will be featured in a NRF/SETL 2023 calendar.

Dates: 2022

  • 30th June: Registration form submitted
  • 1st August: Art works submitted
  • 3rd September: Launch Unley Town Hall - Online Auction commences
  • 25th September: Online Auction Closes


Works may reflect any of the following themes:

  • Strength, Hope, Resilience
  • Dreams, Peace, Inspiration

Art Registration

Interested artists – please click the BOOK NOW above link to complete an registration form.

SETL was established in 2015 in Memory of Chris Adams who died at the age of 26 as a result of brain cancer. He was passionate and driven and wanted to inspire and help others. In order to honour his memory, SETL continues to raise awareness about brain cancer and is a fundraising platform for brain cancer research through the NRF.

SETL has raised $200,000 through various fundraising activities and Adams family donations. Funds raised have enabled ongoing research grants, annual scholarships for researchers and the purchase of vital laboratory equipment.

Please donate to SETL here!

NeuroSurgical Research Foundation is committed to Brain Tumour Research

The NRF was established in 1963 raises funds for life-saving brain tumour research to fund world-class research, support the SA Brain Tumour Bank and provide well-being support to those with a brain tumour diagnosis.

The NRF is a key partner in the Australian Brain Cancer Mission working collaboratively with national stakeholders. In 2021, the NRF reached its target of funding $2m for brain tumour research in five years. As a result, the NRF has doubled this pledge to fund another $2m in the next five years.

In 2021, the NRF funded $525,570 across 13 brain tumour research projects throughout five SA universities and teaching hospitals. This is nearly half the NRF total neurosurgical research funding contribution in 2021 of $1,138,387.

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Thursday 30 June 2022
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