Pitson Lab Takes on Australia in virtual trek

Please support the Pitson Lab and brain tumour research by donating their virtual walk around Australia!

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On Monday 15 November the Molecular Therapeutics Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology embarked on a virtual relay walk around Australia to raise money for vital brain tumour research. This trek will be a total of 14,500km “around the nation” on National Highway 1.

The team includes: Stuart Pitson, Xin Jiang, Paul Moretti, Thao Nguyen, Sandra Isenmann, Manjun Li, Lori Davies, Sarah Tamang, Sakthi Lenin, Victoria Pope, Briony Gliddon, Melinda Tea, Jason Powell and Saira Ali.

Prof Pitson explained, “No, we’re not all taking months off from our research benches to do this! But we have all committed to walking and running as much as we can each day as we undertake our research and daily lives. We’ll tally the distance we cover day after day and track how far that takes us around the country. We have set ourselves the challenging goal of completing the 14,500km journey in 16 weeks.

“Please consider helping us raise essential funds for Brain Tumour Research SA/Neurosurgical Research Foundation and the vital brain tumour research they conduct into the causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of brain tumours in order to improve patient outcomes and care in South Australia,” he said.

Follow the team on Instagram (@pitson_lab) to see the ‘travel updates’ as they go past many of the sights and attractions of our vast and beautiful country.

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