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11am Wednesday 23rd September

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NRF Director of Neurosurgical Research – University of Adelaide

Update Translational Neuropathology Laboratory overview in 2020 we have 16 researchers working in the following research areas:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury / Spinal Cord Injury / Stroke /
  • Parkinson’s Disease

RYAN DORRIAN (Honours candidate) Spinal cord injury (SCI)

Characterising the neuroinflammatory response following SCI.

SCI initiates a neuroinflammatory response that promotes cell death and increases the lesion volume, ultimately resulting in greater functional loss. Intervention at strategic time-points may alleviate this response and improve patient outcomes. This study will examine the inflammatory profile in blood serum samples following SCI.

ANNABEL SORBY-ADAMS (PhD candidate) Stroke Research

Targeting cerebral oedema and elevated intracranial pressure to improve outcome following stroke.

The development of brain swelling and associated rise in pressure is the leading cause of death following stroke. I will discuss the work of my PhD where I assessed the efficacy of a novel, targeted therapy, the NK1 tachykinin receptor antagonist, to prevent brain swelling and improve outcomes following stroke.


Parkinson’s Disease Research

Forecasting risk of Parkinson's disease development following traumatic brain injury (TBI). Our study, recently funded by the MRFF, combines cutting-edge biomarker and behavioural measurements in order to forecast risk, using novel machine learning techniques.


NRF Chair of Brain Tumour Research – Uni SA

Update on the establishment of resources in SA to foster cutting-edge brain tumour research for the discovery and evaluation of new therapeutic approaches for various brain tumours.

DR LISA EBERT Brain Tumour Research

Supercharging the immune system to beat brain cancer.

CAR-T cell therapy is a new type of cancer treatment based on ‘supercharging’ a patient’s own immune system. It has shown great success in the treatment of certain blood cancers, and our team is now adapting this approach for the treatment of adult and childhood brain cancer. I will present some highlights from our pre-clinical research program and give an overview of our upcoming clinical trials.

A light lunch and refreshments will be served.

This venue is large enough for people to observe social distancing.

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Ginta Orchard

Phone: 8371 0771, Email:

AHMS G030 Lecture Theatre 1

NEW University of Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences (AHMS)

West End , North Tce (next to SAHMRI)

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Date and time
Wednesday 23 September 2020
AHMS G030 Lecture Theatre 1
NEW University of Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences (AHMS) West End , North Tce (next to SAHMRI) SA 5000
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