Go Grey in May

Go Grey in May for Brain Tumour Awareness

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Brain tumours kill more adults under 40 than any other cancer.

In fact, brain tumours are only third to land transport accidents and congenital and associated abnormalities as causes of child death in Australia.

Overall, brain tumours claim around one life every seven hours. This is because brain tumours can spread and invade the brain, causing devastating consequences such as brain swelling. In 2018, brain cancer was the 10th most common cause of cancer death in Australia.

That is why the NeuroSurgical Research Foundation (NRF) is committed to investing in innovative new brain tumour research – to help find better treatments and improve quality of life outcomes for brain tumour patients.

To raise awareness of Go Grey in May 2021, the NRF is proud to announce two new 3-year PhD scholarships to fund promising early-stage researchers to perform cutting-edge research, and forge bright careers in brain tumour research in South Australia.

To fund these two positions, we need to fundraise $105,000 – can you help us?

Prof Stuart Pitson is the NRF Chair of Brain Tumour Research and Head of the Molecular Therapeutics Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology (a partnership between the University of South Australia and SA Pathology). He said:

"Now it is up to you. You can make a real difference to children and adults with brain cancer. With your support, the NRF can fund these new PhD positions and continue to focus our efforts on innovative brain tumour research here in South Australia.”

Please donate now - thank you.

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Tuesday 4 May 2021

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