Brain Tumour Research Christmas Lunch - *MOVED TO DEC 5th

Adelaide Brain Tumour Support, together with the NeuroSurgical Research Foundation, invite you to join us for the Brain Tumour Research Christmas Lunch. ** THIS IS NOW ON SATURDAY DECEMBER 5TH 2020.

Brain Tumour Research Christmas Lunch - *MOVED TO DEC 5th image


Please note this is now to be held on Saturday December 5th.

Please select an option below (for those who booked tickets):
Option A
We will offer full refunds if people cannot attend this date.
Option B
We can offer a Critter’s Choice Book or Candles which are $30 each – all proceeds going to SA brain tumour research.
Option C
We can change the event ticket to a donation receipt for SA brain tumour research.

We apologise for any inconvenience and please advise what you would like to do by contacting Ginta Orchard on or (08) 8371 0771.
Thank you for your support and understanding.

Brain Tumour Research Christmas Lunch 2021

Saturday 5th December 12pm to 2pm

Booking essential - All welcome

Tickets: $30 – all proceeds go to brain tumour research in SA

Includes lunch / coffee or soft drink, 1 raffle ticket & a gift

Venue: Strathmore Hotel, North Terrace, Adelaide

Featuring 3 Guest Speakers from the University of South Australia/Centre for Cancer Biology’s Brain Tumour Research Laboratory.

Professor Stuart Pitson

Advanced resources to assess new therapies for glioblastoma

The development and success of new brain cancer therapies is highly dependent on their assessment in the best pre-clinical models possible, before these therapies can enter clinical trials. I will the discuss the work our team have performed in developing advanced pre-clinical models of glioblastoma, and how we’re using these to develop new therapies for this aggressive form of brain cancer.

Dr Lisa Ebert

Supercharging the immune system to beat brain cancer

CAR-T cell therapy is a new type of cancer treatment based on ‘supercharging’ a patient’s own immune system. It has shown great success in the treatment of certain blood cancers, and our team is now adapting this approach for the treatment of adult and childhood brain cancer. I will discuss some highlights from our pre-clinical research program, and give an overview of our upcoming clinical trials.

Dr Mel Tea

Preclinical models of paediatric brain cancer

Whilst the survival rates for paediatric brain cancers such as medulloblastoma are relatively high, successful treatment often results in long-term physical and mental side effects. I will give an overview of the work our lab is undertaking to develop advanced models for testing new, less toxic therapies for the treatment of medulloblastoma.

Meet and chat with the researchers, find out about the latest in their brain tumour research, enjoy a Christmas themed lunch, meet others facing a brain tumour diagnosis (and their friends and family) and take part in a raffle!

RSVP Essential due to COVID-19 regulations

Ginta Orchard

Phone: (08) 8371 0771 / 0419 844 511


Event details
Date and time
Saturday 5 December 2020

Entry fee

Tickets: $30 – all proceeds go to brain tumour research in SA

Includes lunch / coffee or soft drink, 1 raffle ticket & a gift

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