Brain Cancer

Dr Lisa Ebert - Supercharging the immune system to beat brain cancer

Dr Lisa Ebert discusses her brain cancer research which she presented at the NRF Researcher Presentations event on Wednesday 23 September 2020.

Dr Lisa Ebert is a Research Associate at the Centre for Cancer Biology - University of South Australia/SA Pathology. Here she is speaking at the NeuroSurgical Research Foundation's Annual Research presentations event, which was held on Wednesday 23 September 2020.
Her research is focused on supercharging the immune system to beat brain cancer.
"CAR-T cell therapy is a new type of cancer treatment based on ‘supercharging’ a patient’s own immune system. It has shown great success in the treatment of certain blood cancers, and our team is now adapting this approach for the treatment of adult and childhood brain cancer. I will present some highlights from our pre-clinical research program and give an overview of our upcoming clinical trials," Dr Ebert said.
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Did you catch Carrie's Beanies 4 Brain Cancer on The Project recently?

The video below provides a great insight into the world of brain tumour research.
We are proud to be a funding partner for the Australian Brain Cancer Mission.
The NRF is currently funding world-leading brain tumour research right here in Adelaide. Together, we can make a difference to people living with brain cancer, now and in the future.

RIP Mark Naley

Sadly, another great South Australian has lost his battle with Brain Cancer. One of the State's most dynamic football players, Mark Naley, has died aged 59 after a long battle with the illness. Tributes have poured in for the former South Adelaide and Carlton star who was ‘hard as Nales’.
We shared this article back in March which profiles how he fought against the disease with the help of Neurosurgeon Dr Amal Abou-Hamden. Rest in Peace Mark.
The NRF funds brain cancer research right here in South Australia, please visit our website to find out more about our current projects.

On July 2nd, 2020 the NRF made it to front page of The Advertiser!

The article is focused on how Adelaide researchers are working towards clinical trials of a new therapy they hope can genetically modify our cells to teach them how to seek out and then destroy damaged ones.
Thank you to journalist Clare Peddie for a well-researched article, researcher Dr Tessa Gargett from the Centre for Cancer Biology and brain cancer patient Pete Cutting and his wife Liz.

The Blood-Brain Barrier

The Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) is a complex structure that prevents many drugs from entering into the brain (and brain tumours) from the bloodstream. Unfortunately, the BBB is also a major impediment in the treatment of brain tumours.
The NRF is funding research into the BBB.
Dr Briony Gliddon, Dr Melinda Tea & Prof Stuart Pitson at the Centre for Cancer Biology (University of South Australia/SA Pathology) are investigating if a newly identified drug can open the BBB to allow entry of anti-cancer drugs to brain tumours.
Thank you to Dr Gliddon for putting together this research snapshot to share with our community - it is much appreciated.
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