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Professor Robert Vink AM

NRF Board Member since 2005 | Member, Executive Committee | Member, Investment Committee | NRF Chair of Neurosurgical Research 2005 - 2015 Past | Pro Vice Chancellor Health Sciences, University of South Australia | Adjunct Professor, University of Adelaide

Current positions:

  • Pro Vice Chancellor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of South Australia
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Adelaide.

Professional achievements:

  • Doctor of Science
  • Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences (2015).
  • Awarded the Jamieson Medal (Neurosurgical Society of Australasia - 2009), Australasian Neuroscience Medal (Australasian Neuroscience Society - 2015), Eccles Lecture (Australasian Neuroscience Society and Neurosurgical Society of Australasia - 2015), Visiting Professorship (Japanese Neurotrauma Society - 2004)
  • Secretary of the International Neurotrauma Society (2016-present).

Sporting achievements:

Robert describes his teenage self as a "basketball tragic." Despite this, he went on to become a basketball coach, and an internationally qualified basketball referee. He refereed for 10 years in the National Basketball League, as well as international games played both locally and overseas.

Other Boards and not-for-profit organisation involvement:

Former positions held by Vink include the Vice President in the University of Adelaide Florey Medical Research Foundation, the Scientific and Education Advisory Committee at the National Trauma Research Institute, a member of the Research Committee at the Spinal Cord Society of Australia, the Co-Chair of the South Australian Neuroscience Institute, and an SA representative at Neuroscience Australia. He was also actively involved with the Neil Sachse Foundation.

Involvement in the NRF Board:

Robert describes the reason behind his relationship with the NRF: "It fills a research gap that is not addressed elsewhere. Genuine commitment to research, young researchers, as well as being well-organised, dedicated, professional. Our supporters really care."

Personal motivations:

Robert discusses the individuals who encouraged and motivated him to pursue neuroscience research: "Prof Alan Faden (USA), inaugural Director of the USA National Research Institute for Neural Injury who initially inspired me to pursue traumatic brain injury research. Sir John Eccles (Switzerland) who convinced me that good neuroscience research was a lifetime commitment. Prof. Tony Marmarou (USA) who encouraged me to undertake clinically relevant research in brain swelling. Prof. Peter Blumbergs (Australia) who convinced me that Adelaide was the perfect place to do world-class neurotrauma research. He was right!"

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